Public Health Resources

Highest-Paying Public Health Jobs

Learn about the highest-paying public health jobs, including biostatistician and epidemiologist, and the education requirements for these jobs.

A Guide to Antibiotic Resistance

Overuse of antibiotics is resulting in the rise of “superbugs.” This guide explains how antibiotic resistance can be prevented.

Accelerated MPH Programs

Accelerated MPH programs may help students in public health enter the workforce faster. Learn more about the one-year accelerated online MPH program at GWU.

Why Is Public Health Important?

Public health is important because it has helped address sanitation, environmental health and infectious diseases issues through research. Without public health, what would the quality of life in North America look like?

Racism Is a Public Health Crisis

Racism has become a public health crisis now more than ever before. Learn about how we got to this point & what we can do to address racism in the U.S.