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What Can You Do with an MHA?

A Master of Health Administration (MHA) can prepare you with advanced skills to lead in health-focused business environments. Learn about the unique skills and job opportunities you may qualify for after you earn an MHA.

Understanding Medicare for All

Since Senator Bernie Sanders proposed his plan for Medicare for All in mid-September, more than 16 Democrat senators have voiced their support for a single-payer system. Professor Sara Rosenbaum discusses what “single-payer” actually means, and the questions we should be asking about it.

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How to Receive Graduate School Funding from Your Employer

Like many public health professionals, you may be motivated to maximize your potential by earning a master’s degree in public health, but financial considerations may be a deterrent. One possible solution is to ask your current employer for assistance with school expenses. While this may seem intimidating, it is actually a viable option that benefits both potential GW Public Health Online students and their employers. Benefits for Your Company Employee turnover is costly. Interviewing, hiring and training new employees is time consuming and puts a strain on company resources. It makes much more sense — from both financial and human resources perspectives — to […]

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Potential Policy Scenarios for the Future of the Affordable Care Act

In the 2016 presidential and congressional elections, Democrats and Republicans alike campaigned on the Affordable Care Act — either to protect it or repeal and replace it with a more effective solution. Indeed, the law has prompted heated debate among elected leaders who disagree about the best ways to improve Americans’ health care access, delivery and affordability. So what’s next for the ACA?

15 Terms to Know in Health Communication

The need for effective health communication is growing. Today, both public and private institutions are using the internet and other technologies to speed the delivery of health information. However, for people with limited reading or technical skills, this can pose a challenge. That’s why it’s so important for public health professionals to become well versed in the creation and delivery of consumer health communications

Guide to Careers in Health Care Consulting

During the past five years, the demand for health care consultants has increased because of the growing complexities in health care and the need for specialty services to address them. To help you determine whether this path is right for you, MHA@GW has created the Guide to Careers in Health Care Consulting.

Hazard Zone: The Impact of Climate Change on Occupational Health

Global climate change has the potential to affect human health in two significant ways: by changing the severity and frequency of health issues already affected by climate factors, and by creating unprecedented health threats in places where they have not previously occurred.

Public Health Terms in Perspective

When the Zika virus started to dominate headlines in 2015, the terminology used to explain its potential risk varied widely. Some outlets referred to the virus as a pandemic, whereas others described it as an epidemic. 

APHA 2016: Improving Urban Health Through Green Spaces

For many people, the relationship between health equity and green spaces isn’t immediately apparent. A recent APHA 2016 session, however, explored some of the most convincing arguments for green development as means of improving health.